We’ve helped a variety of companies grow with our dedicated support and experienced team. But don’t take if from us. Instead, hear it from some of our satisfied clients.

I wanted to take a moment to say I feel like BOAA is an important customer to Ditech. Joan And Sarah have gone above and beyond to assist expeditiously and the follow up truly was amazing. I make a point to hit the pause button to acknowledge great work, in a world where respect and hard word often disappoint. - Beverlee S. from Plymouth, MI.

Chris N. it was so great to see you yesterday! Your presentation was a big hit and the L.O.’s all commented on the valuable guideline highlights that you brought to the table. I’m working on Optimal Blue this morning to turn on the Expanded Criteria products. I hope this steers some business your way! Thank you for the goodies! - Jill M. from Hudson, MA.

Ditech is the investor that I can always count on to buy loans quickly and without unnecessary stipulations. I know that if they ask for a condition, it is something that is needed for the file. This is integral for someone in my position to be successful and needs to be factored into your best execution model. - Nick Whitten, Vice President of Secondary Marketing, Open Mortgage

We have worked with Ditech now for about a year, and we could not be more happy with the level of service they provide.  From submission to post closing, their process is quick and hassle free.  There is someone willing to pick up the phone and answer any questions and get the task done. - Amy Whitford, Operations Manager, Easy Mortgage, Inc.

Vision One Mortgage

I just wanted to send along this brief note regarding the Service Levels that we consistently experience with Ditech.

As you know, we have had Delegated approval with Ditech for several years now. During that time we have always received superior Service Levels from you and your entire support team.

Everyone always talks about the pricing but in our opinion, while that is an extremely important component, it is only one factor in measuring a successful Delegated relationship with an investor. The time it takes to purchase a loan off of the warehouse line is also key because of the interest charges, but also for the management of the relationship with the Warehouse Lender.

I believe that investor relationships are like a long term marriage. There will be some “bumps in the road: during that time and if the bumps can be worked out you will probably have a long and happy marriage. Bumps will also occur during long term investor relationships and if they can be worked out you will probably have a long and successful relationship with that investor.

Whenever we have had a “bump” you and your team have always done the utmost to clear the issue to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

I thank you for your efforts on our behalf and I look forward to working with you for many years to come! - Leon Satero, President, Vision One Mortgage, Inc

Federal Savings Bank
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

We need partners that understand our needs and who are responsive and engaged.  In today’s environment it is about more than price. The Ditech team knows our goals and objectives – mostly because they ask – and they manage the relationship with an eye not just on today and tomorrow but for the next ten years. We could not be more pleased. - Chuck Smith, Director of Secondary Marketing, The Federal Savings Bank

Northstar Bank has been selling loans to Ditech for many years now. They always have competitive pricing, negligible post closing conditions and are readily available in all their operational facets (underwriting hotline, secondary desk, post closing, etc.). Our correspondent representative is Tom Dawson and he has always given us great support (and friendship). I would recommend any lender looking for a good correspondent to do business with to Ditech! - Scott Stone, SVP Mortgage Operations, Northstar Bank

I have worked with Ditech as my go to investor since their inception.  I am always certain to find the product necessary for my clients with minimum overlays and easy access to all of my underwriting questions. - Bob Flynn, William Raveis Mortgage LLC

We have been working with Ditech for years.  Ditech has become one of our top partners from an execution standpoint.  Ditech offers the necessary products to meet our needs along with outstanding customer service. – Jeff Ogden, Vice President, Gershman Mortgage

USA Mortgage
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

Finding reliable investor partners is crucial in protecting our revenues. When analyzing investors we look at product options, consistent pricing and a quick and thorough back end process. Ditech exemplifies all of these qualities.  Our 9 year partnership with Ditech speaks volumes. Here’s to another 9 years. - Dani Ploch, Secondary Marketing Manager/Project Manager, USA Mortgage, A Division of Das Acquisition Company, LLC

Inlanta Mortgage
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016 Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

It’s rather simple, Ditech is more than a provider of products and services, they have proven to be a trusted partner offering us competences and solutions to support our proactive business model to advance growth and profitability. - Paul Buege, Chief Operating Officer, Inlanta Mortgage

As a Top 50 premier partner we have had plenty of experience working hand in hand with Ditech Financial over the years. Operationally, they are the perfect fit. Out products, systems and procedures seem to have been made for their operation and vice versa. Thins generally go smoothly in underwriting and continue thru funding and we are on to the next happy customer. We have gotten to know the folks that make it happen over there and even flew out to Fort Washington once to put faces to the names. Overall, Ditech has proven to be a lending partner that we can count on and that we can continue to grow with looking ahead to the future. - Jason Hasen, SVP Operations, Accunet Mortgage

Our loans are easily cleared for purchase and sold with minimal suspense requirements or delays. Ditech provides an easy platform and solid communication. Loans that are submitted for Ditech’s internal underwriting are reviewed in a timely manner with fair and concise conditions. The Underwriters are very customer service oriented with strong communication skills willing to listen and open to the re-structuring of loans, as needed. Our Sales Director, Justin Charnetski, is very knowledgeable in Ditech’s products and guidelines. He responds to our inquiries in a timely manner with solid responses. - Lisa Hodges, Operations Manager, Argus Lending

Ditech has proven to be a valuable business partner for our company since our relationship began. They have consistently remained competitive with the market and delivered on promised turn times with minimal overlays to Fannie/Freddie guidelines. We know exactly what to expect and if there is ever a question, we have a great team to communicate with for fast, efficient answers. We truly value our partnership and hope for many more years to come. - Patrick Latimer, UMF

Academy Mortgage Corporation
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

Ditech has consistently proven to be a valuable business partner for our company.  We can count on them to provide a very high level of service, regardless of the situation.  They also demonstrate a “sense of urgency” when issues arise and give us the attention we need to resolve problems.  Their commitment to the industry and to us as a business partner is very apparent in the way that they work to accommodate guideline variances and as they demonstrate a willingness to get loans purchased quickly.  Our support team at Ditech is second to none and they bend over backwards to help us out when issues come up.  Ditech has proven to be a great partner for us. - Bryan Dipo, Secondary Marketing Manager, Academy Mortgage Corporation

Meridian Bank
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

Working with Scott Blose and the team at Ditech has been a great experience for Meridian Bank. Ditech has been a great business partner for Meridian and one of our first investors! Everyone at Ditech is extremely knowledgeable, quick to answer any questions and willing to go the extra mile. Being able to offer a broad range of products at competitive pricing has been a great tool for us to grow our business. - Joseph Borek, Vice President - Director of Secondary Marketing, Meridian Bank

MegaStar Financial
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

We have been selling loans to Ditech for years. They are an investor that offers consistency in pricing, delivery and fulfillment. In the ever changing world of mortgage investors, it can be difficult to find a long term aggregator relationship that “checks the boxes” in all of those categories. Ditech is certainly an investor we continuously count on in our daily execution strategies! - Scott Beer, SVP – Capital Markets, MegaStar Financial

Ditech has delivered on every promise they made to us prior to becoming a Correspondent.  From pricing to purchasing our loans, the experience has been very positive.  I really like the ability to work with a quality Account Rep and a very responsive OPS team, communication has been exceptional.  Would recommend them to any Lender looking to add a quality Investor partner. - George Schaefer, President, Secondary Mortgage Group, Bank of the Ozarks

Alameda Mortgage Corporation continues to build our relationship with Ditech since approval with them in 2013. Justin Charnetski, our Representative, has been especially attentive to our needs sharing new products, offering weekly webinars and always schedules time to meet with us when he is in our neighborhood. We will continue to work with Justin for he is loyal, honest and really makes Alameda Mortgage feel like we are his number one client. We look forward to working with Ditech in years to come! - Patti Karleskind, President, Alameda Mortgage Corporation

As the Secondary Marketing manager for a small lender, we look for value in our correspondent relationships that goes much deeper than simply the pricing at loan sale.   We look for uniformity in guidelines with other correspondent aggregators, minimal overlays to Agency Guidelines, dependable and user friendly technologies, responsive and courteous supportive staff and , of course, competitive pricing. Ditech offers these qualities on a consistent basis and our Account Executive, Justin Charnetski, always provides knowledgeable insights and valuable support to any situational challenge that develops within our business relationship.  Ditech is a great partner and they are one of the reasons we are a successful, family owned, local lender here in Central California. - Chuck Hughes from Fresno, CA

Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

Ditech has been an integral part of Cornerstone Mortgage’s growth over the past several years. The combination of competitive pricing, a wide variety of products and an experienced and knowledgeable support staff ensure smooth, quick transaction. John Dubisky and his team are helpful and quick to respond to any questions that may arise. Knowing that the level of support Ditech offers is only a phone call or email away is very reassuring. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with John and all of the outstanding people at Ditech. - Drew Spavale, VP Secondary Marketing, Cornerstone Mortgage Inc.

AMEC has been a premier partner with Ditech the last two years.  Their excellent service and efforts to help us grow is what we really appreciate.  Ditech has strong execution in loan purchasing, a knowledgeable trade desk, and people that are always willing to help!  We look forward to our continued relationship with Ditech. - Tyler Peterson, Secondary Manager, American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc

My name is Michelle Messer and I am the post-closing manager for the Bank of  England at our Corporate office in Little Rock Arkansas. I have had a working relationship with Ditech for years in my current position and also as a post closer. We have received excellent customer service from Ditech Financial over the years. The email response time regarding outstanding conditions are answered In a timely manner, and all questions and concerns are addressed accordingly. We receive reports if any of our loans start to age so that we have adequate time to get file cleared. Scott and Deborah check in regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly and see if we have any concerns with turn times, concerns or any possible exceptions. Working with the associates at Ditech is a pleasure. - Michelle Messer, Post-Closing Manager, Bank of England Mortgage Division

Security Home Mortgage
Recipient of the Premier Partner Award – 2016
Issued to Top 50 Correspondent Clients

I have worked with Ditech now for a number of years, and they have been our #1 go to for all of our loans, for me it’s all about working with people you like to work with, and trust. We need partners that understand our needs, and who are responsive, and engaged. Ditech offers the necessary products to meet our needs along with outstanding customer service. I thank you for your efforts on our behalf, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come! - Jon Chamberlain, President, Security Home Mortgage.

Montgomery Bank has had a successful relationship with Ditech for several years. We appreciate the ability to talk directly with the underwriters and post closing staff to work together on our transactions. Their website and training resources are a great source of support for our processors and originators. Ditech offers a good price, expansive product offerings, and more importantly great service. Having a solid and trusted lender that you can depend on is imperative in today's competitive market. - Jennifer Houk, Residential Mortgage Processor, Montgomery Bank

As a correspondent customer we find that Ditech is easy to work with on the purchase side, they have a great variety of products and provide outstanding customer support. They are a true partner in this business! We work with multiple investors and Ditech is one of our favorites, I largely attribute this to our dynamic and responsive sales support team. Our Sales Director, Justin Charnetski, and Associate Sales Director, Justin Sutton, are there to answer a question and provide guidance. - Jennifer Warmerdam, Vice President, Scenic Oaks Fundings

Columbus Capital Lending’s experience with Ditech collectively, as a Correspondent Lender, has been a great one! Each of our internal departments are able to reach their counterparts at Ditech for clear guidance and helpful responses. Additionally, we have always been able to reference Ditech’s guidelines for helpful and concise information that is provided in a user-friendly layout. - Bridgette Torres, Director of Secondary Marketing, Columbus Capital Lending

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